Me And My New Friend

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I received a tremendous response from everyone, today I would like to narrate a story of a woman who is married and stays in Chennai, she is 30 years old, fair colour and a slim body with big boobs, her name is Vandana and she is from shimoga and after marriage stays in Mysore with husband after my previous story in ISS and I got around 30 mails and in that 20 were woman’s most of them asking the charges.

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Sudha’s Extra Marital Affair

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Hi friends I am sudha.  Now I will narrate my first extra marital affair story.  One day I went to my sister’s house whose husband has gone to US 3 months back.  She is staying with her children.  Since it is day time she is alone at home.  We have chatted for some time and after having lunch I went to the bed to sleep.  as I was too tired immediately I have got deep sleep.  after one hour I woke up and came out of bed room. when I was searching for my sister I heard some male voice from master bedroom. When I tried to open, it was closed from inside.  Immediately I peeped inside from key hole. I have got surprised to see my sist
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Helping My Sister-in-law

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My wife and I are a well to do middle class Indian couple, living in Worli, Mumbai. I’d always gotten along well with my sister in law, so when my wife told me she would spending the winter vacations with us, I was quite happy. Little did I know what my wife had planned for us. My SIL arrived and for the first few days, there was nothing suspicious being hinted at.

Then my wife dropped the bombshell on Christmas night. When we were going to bed, she told me that Namrata (her sister) wasn’t able to g
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Fucking By Senior’s Wife

February 18, 2012 1 comment

Hi Readers, My name is Venkat. I am from Hyderabad. This story that I am going to narrate is a true story that happened in June 2007 . It was during my visit that I was so bored and had nothing to do. My friend who was my senior from college-days and  his wife had delivered a baby boy almost 8 months ago who also had a son. I used to visit their house frequently.

My seniors wife was a very voluptuous lady with at least a 36 size breast and very b
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Sex Like Never Before

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Dear Hornie and hottt folkz of ISS, This is Sid again to share my real sexperience and make you hot and horny…
Well, as everyone say I also say that all of my posts are just realities and nothing else, however we can’t really prove the reality unless we shoot the incidents through video camera’s which I feel is highly absurd and insane as everyone wants our own private life. It is up to the reader to decide whether it is a reality or fake but as a writer my responsibility is to post the reality and make you all hot and hornie… Let’s come to the story now…

It was late 2010 when I was working for a reputed bank in Delhi, one day it so happen that I saw an advertisement email about some offers of immigrations from a company and I felt it interesting and I went to the office straight away (I am not mentioning the name of the company as it would be a reputational risk to the company and also to the employees of that company) and I got an appointment for the counselor. The moment I saw her, the first feeling about this lady was simply
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Awesome First Time

February 18, 2012 1 comment

Hi to all readers of this site. I m Sumith, I am a regular reader of this site from past some months as i stay alone this site is a great helper for me to pass my time. Any ways let me start the story; I stay at a small town in Karnataka district called Sirsi its in Karwar dist. All this happened when i was in my MBA 2nd sem ,I was been to Bangalore for a management fest and we had a nice time there but the best thing happened was i met a girl there named Shruthi, Initially we exchanged eye sights, Basically i m a reserved person i never talk to girls much and stay in my own world but that evening i don’t know what happened to me we were at the dining place she was also there fortunately we both came at the same table a gathered all my strength and smiled, but she didn’t, I was ashamed
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Twist Of My Life – Part II

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 Hey buddies this is Sandy here again back with another
story, writing after quiet long time, well, i got good response for my last
story “TWIST OF MY LIFE….” so I just wanna thank u guys and for
your compliments and for enlightening me to write more stories. i think the
readers know about myself as i wrote in last story, anyhow i will tell about me
to the new readers of the story, i am Sandy, a cool guy with tall dark and
innocent natured studying b,com myself in bijapur district of Karnataka, my
family is staying in Bangalore, i was left here to complete ma degree
education, i am spending my life happily here with my friends enjoying collage
days and etc. Anyhow my semester exam was finished and having a month holiday,
i was spending days as usual, i thought to go to natives place which is solapur
and it was the only one place which was near bijapur, in solapur my aunt is
staying there with her husband and her small daughter, 

So i decided to go solapur few days and left, i reached
solapur and went to ma au
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