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Sex With My Mom

Hi all. My name is Nadeem and i am from Visakhapatnam. It’s a real incident that occurred with me. I am 25 years old and studying my pg. This story is about me and my mom. I am would not say that i am a very good looking and handsome stud guy, actually I am a normal not too slim but an average looking guy. And my mom is 40 and works for Private Firm. She also does have an average figure but very attractive normal breasts and slim and perfect shape. Now I would lead this story to its main point.

When I was 20 and my mom was 39 this incident took place. From the time of my birth I was very close to my mom as I was the only son of my parents. I also loved my mom very much and never thought anything wrong about her in the beginning. But when I grow and learn more about intercourse. Then I thought of many girls around me and thinking of them I masturbated. At that time also I never thought wrong about my mom. One day I went into my mom’s room to get some stuff and my mom was just changing her clothes and had forgotten to close the door.

I saw that she had wrapped the towel just over her waist and was totally topless. Mom got surprised on seeing me. By see
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