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With Aunty & His Daughter

Hi, I am Venkat from nearby Bangalore a village. I have started to read ISS stories from degree second year. first of all I intrudes myself , I am looking good personality, and have 6.1 height & 7 inc cock ,aged 24.
The story related to an aunty & her daughter. My father’s sis my aunty, her name is Shanthi, daughter name madhura. Aunty aged 39 & Madhura 18 they are live in over colony nearby our house. His husband died 6 Years back he left Hugh propriety to them the not have any problem to live. About aunty Shanthi in that age he looks very yang, she was like a racka heroin good shape he have. Coming to madhura she was small and she developing her body and good looking, she is free with me everything she discuss with me play with me.
In this process when I was in degree final year the story starts. I go weekly twos to their house , One Saturday evening I went to their house , when I knocked the door it’s not opened for long time knocked again and again at last after 10 mints the door was opened . It was Shanthi aunty I saw her she was in blue sari with full of sweat in all over the body. I smiled on her and she also smiled & sad come in , I asked her why u not opened the door for so long aunty , she replied I was in deep sleep so I can’t hear your sound for that sorry she said, it’s ok aunty , were is madhura I told , she went
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