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My Aunt

My name is Ram. I am married living in Mumbai, having good business. Linu the lady of my dreams is my wife’s Aunt . She is 42 yrs old. Her husband, is a very rich man. Her husband is also a very powerful & influential man. Sara is 5′.5 tall with whitish complexion, long black hairs up to her massive hips and attractive face. She has very big and well shaped boobs and ass. I always used to stare at her beautiful ass that jiggles by her each step. She caught me red handed many times but didn’t say anything.
Once linu and her husband (my aunt & uncle) went to pune. One day my uncle (her husband) rang me from pune that he had to go to Singapore for some reasons and I had to pick linu (my aunt) from airport after three days as she was coming back alone. It was my luck for a good chance. I agreed and assured him to pick her.
On the day of his arrival I went to airport. The flight was at 10 PM. When Uncle’s flight gone we came back to her house.During drive I asked her how was she and how she spent her time. She simply replied, every thing is ok after some time I said you have used a good perfume, aunt. She replied that she hadn’t used any perfume. I said please pardon, but then its your body’s smell, your body smell is very good, aunt. She didn’t say anything and turned her face other side. But I noticed a smile on her lips.
We reached home and went inside her house. Then I brought her luggage. Then I said ok. She nodded her head in ok and I came back to my room in disappointment. After about ten minutes the electric supply got cut off. Suddenly an idea came in to my mind. I asked her about candles. She said that she also needed it and requested me to bring few candles for her. I bought few candles from a store .
As I knocked her she immediately opened the door as she was standing near the door. She thanked me and offered me to come in and said that she too much was frightening in the dark. I obliged her offer an
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