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Sneha South Indian Actor

Sneha, the well known actress surprisingly came for that interview. It was the dream for Sneha to act in the add of the well famous shopping mall at Chennai. Many models across Mumbai also have come for that interview. So Sneha was little less confidence about her performance. But she should get this add. Because this is much precious than other adds. If she selected, she can easily enter into “well known actress in the world’s” list.
The interviewer was Raaj. He is a saree lover. He loves the sexy ladies who show their deep navel through saree. Whenever he watches the ladies displaying their navel in saree, he will tempt to kiss and squeeze their navel.
He was shocked by seeing Sneha when she entered. He never expected the beautiful queen sneha will come for interview. Actually he is a fan of Sneha. He has watched all movies of sneha and he never missed the scenes of whenever sneha display her cute, deep round navel to the audiences. By seeing such a sexy beautiful lady in front of him, he became hot and his heart was beating like anything.
Sneha wore a green color silk saree with small golden border and matching blouse. Her hair was full of jasmine flowers. Her saree properly covered her huge melons and her mountain asses and her shape is killing him. She was smiling… She was looking like angel. If any one see her in this posture will be tempted to fuck her. As usual she properly covered even her hip so that her navel do not expose outside. She said good morning and sat on the chair. His was breathless. She was sitting in a dominating way that she is a famous actress; she was sitting with her legs placing each on others. Normally sneha will not listen to other’s words. In practical, she is such arrogant lady…despite in films; she doesn’t want to respect any one. Because she strongly believed she is an actress and all ordinary men are below to her. She not even gave a minimum respect to raaj and was sitting in dominating way.
He slowly told her it was a long interview process and the next candidate has been asked to arrive only at 2 pm. After hearing this sneha felt angry but she didn’t express it and told him I am ready for the interview sir!
“Sneha, the name looks sexy. You too look sexy”.
Sneha smiles with a reply to him “Thank you sir”
“Are you aware that our company needs hot and confident girls for this add because it involves lot of interactions with male artists”
“yes sir, i came to know through my friends”
“So you are prepared for everything?” asks naughtily
“Of course yes sir”
He get encouraged by this response. He looks at her body slowly.
“Ok tell me about yourselves”
She explains her experience in film industry and adds in detail.
“Since this is not a technical or knowledge oriented job, we would like to know more about your soft skills and sex skills”
Sneha saw raaj a minute with small confusion and asked him.
“Excuse me.., what you meant by sex skills”
“How do you use your physical assets to get a work done”
Sneha stopped her talking and looking at him with anger.
“Sir, i am not that type”
“well, i can see from your dress that what type you are”
Sneha gets offended by the comment and becomes red. She stood up and said with loud and angry voice.
Mister, what are you talking…. Who kept you to take interview? Rascal…. How I m looking for you…. If I tell to my father, you will be in jail. Mind it… Bye…
With so much of angry sneha warned him and went fast towards the door.
“Look Sneha…I can see that you got angry. This is a stress interview. We will be asking all type of questions. If you get selected your pay is 200000 per add. If you are not ready for it, you may leave. We are not forcing anyone”
After hearing this sneha came to normal condition and laughed. She kept her hand in her head and told, “I am sorry sir. I didn’t understand ur questions. Sorry… I scolded you”
Its O.K…
Raaj is now staring at her boobs. Her saree is so sexily covered her boobs. Raaj is now stands up and walks near her and looks at her fleshy milky mangoes and says you have really big round boobs.
Sneha smiles
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