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Passionate Love

Once, a friend of mine working in Dubai, wanted me to meet him at the airport while he came to India on leave. He handed over a packet to me at the airport which was given by his boss to be delivered to the wife of his boss in the city. As the house of my friend was about 90 KM away from the airport, he requested me to deliver the packet to the lady within a day or two, so that he can rush off to catch a train going to his home-town soon. He gave me the address and phone number of his boss’s wife in the city. It was but natural for me to do this favour for my friend, so I agreed.
Two days later, I went with the packet to her house which was about 30 KM away from my place. It was a magnificent apartment in a posh locality and I considered they must be pretty rich. I had thought the boss of my friend must be an elderly man so his wife must also be in her late forties or early fifties.
Reaching the house, I called the bell. A tall, fair, gorgeous and extremely sensuous-looking lady of about 30 years with big protruding bosom, clad in sari, opened the door and looked at me enquiringly. She certainly carried an air of elegance around her. I introduced myself and told the name of the lady I wanted to meet. To my utter surprise and disbelief she said it was her name. I told her the purpose of my visit. She led me indoors to the drawing room.
The apartment was a beauty indeed, well-furnished matching to a very wealthy owner. She offered some sweets and a cold-drink to me and we talked for about ten minutes. My work over, I stood up to say good-bye and thank her for the kind hospitality. But she insisted me to spend some more time with her, talking. She was such a beauty no one can resist.
In a short while, I noticed she turned our conversation to purely personal things. To her query, I gave a brief and true account of myself. To my casual query, she told about herself also. She said she was 31, married seven years ago and her husband was working in Dubai. He was a workaholic, paid less attention to their personal life. Initially, she joined him once for a couple of years, but against her wishes came back, pregnant, to deliver and settled down in the city so that she can take care of their house and the baby. She said her husband had plans to start his own business in Dubai.
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