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My Father in Law

Hi friends this is not true story I have written this just for the joy reading .hope you enjoy it .gals or aunties from Bangalore can contact me on my mail LINELOVE43@YAHOO.COM. Privacy is guranteed. All comments are welcomed.
I am young, married to a guy, well, yes a guy, who was also 25 and I met him at the college. His name is Osman, the younger of the two brothers. I was taken away by his naïve nature and his seriousness for his career. His elder brother, Aslam, who was 34, was a decent man. He was happy with his wife, the skinny bitch. Well, the one who had a constant interest in me was my father in law, who was 54 with still an athletic hairy body and two lustful eyes. I used to get his lustful hints in every way. In every occasion, he used to draw me to him like a ‘ father’ and give me ‘ fatherly’ fondling at my lower back. It is to mention that I am short, 5’ 1” very fair, curly hair up to shoulder, wear glasses, wide mouth, bulky, very bulky, 36-27-40 and all that my father in law was interested is my huge fleshy a
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