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Great Love Making

My name is Ronak and lives in Mumbai. I am 22 year old. Hear I want to share my sexual encounter with my Neighbor. Her name is Priyanka. She is an attractive woman with whitish complexion, longhairs and sexy tall figure. When ever I saw her my cock got erection and I masturbated thinking about her for several times. She was married with a kid. One day my mum said “she has some problem in her computer and she needs your help, please help her” I was waiting for this type of moment. I immediately replied “Tell her to bring her computer to our house I will solve the problem” Next evening Neelam brought her computer. I examined it and found some bad sectors on hard disk. I told her about the problem and asked for permission to format the hard disk. She agreed for that. I asked her about any useful data which had to be recovered. She told me about some word files in ‘my document’ folder. Then she went to TV lounge with my mum for chatting and I started my job. Firstly I attached her hard disk with my computer and transferred her required files in my computer. Then for curiosity I searched her hard disk for any sex material and I was surprised to see a hidden folder ‘pics’ on her hard disk. There were some xxx jpg pictures in it along with about 20 desipapa’s stories.
I copied that folder on my hard disk. Then I formatted her hard disk, installed windows, configured all peripherals and installed required software. After that I copied her word files and porn material on her hard disk along with some of my porn collection. This took about 2 hours; meantime she remained with my mum. After finishing the job I called her. She came in my room w
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