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Forced Sex with sister

Kamran’selder sister Hiba was 21. She had married last year and moved to her husband’s farmhouse last year. Kamran missed her dearly, she was his best friend and confidant. When summer came, he made the journey during the holiday’s to spend time with his sister and her husband.
Things went well, the 1st few days, Haroon his brother-in-law was a good man and they got on fine. One night, Kamran could not sleep, he sliped outside to have a smoke and wander the gardens. On the moonlit night, he felt at peace and ease. Passing by his sister’s room, ne noticed that the bedside light was on and the curtains open. He glanced inside and was shocked to see Haroon fucking his sister. Till now he had never considered his sister in any way apart from how brother’s normally consider their siblings. Sure he had been inquisitve, and had spied on her once or twice, but that was just part of growing up. Now what he saw excited him.
She was bending forward over the bed. Her marvelous brown tits, hanging like ripe lemons, smooth with pointed nipples. They swayed with each thrust of Haroo
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