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Bath With A Cousin

This is one of my recent adventures. I had an accident some time back and my right hand was fractured. I was home for over a month and even when the cast was removed I was advised to restrict movements specially wrist movements. My most of the work was taken care by my wife. I gradually came to normal but kept it to myself and used the sympathy and favor at office and other places for not being to use my hand much. One evening one of my wife’s cousin came to visit us as she had come to our town for some work. As it was late she was to stay and go back the next day. I came back late that day and the two ladies had already had dinner and my sali had gone to bed. I meet her only in the morning. I got up late in the morning as I had slept late that night and it was understood that I would go late to work. My wife left for her work as usual. She told me that after P (my Sali) wakes up, to give her the prepared breakfast and drop her at the bus station on my way to work. I sat down to tea and newspaper.

Let me describe P. She is a 20 year old girl in her final year of college. She is tall, fair with oval face and good facial features. Her body structure is slim and she had small 32 sized boobs and slender waist and 34 sized bust and thin long legs. I had designs on her all along, but had maintained a distance due to the relation. She was
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