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My Father in Laws Partner

Note : This story is completely fictional!
Hi friends this is not true story I have written this just for the joy reading .hope you enjoy it .gals or aunties from Bangalore can contact me on my mail LINELOVE43@YAHOO.COM. Privacy is guranteed. All comments are welcomed.
Readers, if you have read my previous story with my Father-in-law, you must have known by now how he first got me in his bathroom with my husband standing just opposite the door without having any knowledge. After that, he came after me in many occasions but he ensured that every one of them were special. He stuck to his own style; he never fucked me when my hubby was not around. There were always people nearby, or over the phone and he always related my body parts with something, be it fruits, furniture, foods, etc. Recently, there has been his friend, his business partner, who has been coming more frequently now a days and I did not like his looks.
The first clear indication I got was when Mr. Babar, his partner, asked me to join their company but I declined. But on the next day breakfast table my father in law raised the issue in front of every one and said that it would be better if I join the company rather than seating idle at home. Osman, my husband, also insisted but I said that I needed time to decide.
Later that night, I met with my father in law in private and asked him what the story is:
Me: Does he want to screw me like you did? And are you helping him?
Baba (Father in law): Did I force you to sleep with me? It is always your choice.
Me: Ok, what do I have to do? Sleep with you two on turns regularly?
Baba: Come on Bush
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