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Twist Of My Life – Part II

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

 Hey buddies this is Sandy here again back with another
story, writing after quiet long time, well, i got good response for my last
story “TWIST OF MY LIFE….” so I just wanna thank u guys and for
your compliments and for enlightening me to write more stories. i think the
readers know about myself as i wrote in last story, anyhow i will tell about me
to the new readers of the story, i am Sandy, a cool guy with tall dark and
innocent natured studying b,com myself in bijapur district of Karnataka, my
family is staying in Bangalore, i was left here to complete ma degree
education, i am spending my life happily here with my friends enjoying collage
days and etc. Anyhow my semester exam was finished and having a month holiday,
i was spending days as usual, i thought to go to natives place which is solapur
and it was the only one place which was near bijapur, in solapur my aunt is
staying there with her husband and her small daughter, 

So i decided to go solapur few days and left, i reached
solapur and went to ma au
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The Fantasy Flat Episode – Part II

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Me: Its age prob i said it with a smile
Shri: Wat nonsense wat age r u
Me: am 24.
Shri: Oh i thought u would be 22 then correct only.
Me: hmmm wish to take some water?
Shri: ya but give little hot as i am having some throat problem.(i thought in my mind my sperm was too hot y dnt u drink)
ME: k done but too my luck the current went off
Shri: Darwin where are you? where are the candles
Me: I am here at the kitchen and the candles are also there can u help me i am struck here
Shri: wait am coming.then she came and she bend it as i torched my mobiles light in the place but it went near ner
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The Fantasy FLat Episode – Part I

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi ISS readers i am darwin victory people call me Darwin
used to read almost all stories in ISS.So now it has given me enough confidence
to me post my fantasies.
This story took place nearly 3 years back in the flat i lived. Since there are
lot of stories i dividing them into many parts hope you enjoy.
I am a fairly built guy who does workout almost daily in the morning and will
go on to office. Since i
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Romantic Massage With My Aunty

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi everyone, with a wonderful incident at a my place. (my new id to –

I am working in a MNC Company. I was transferred to Bangalore. I was quite happy because there were lot many good plus points. I was staying in one of the post apartment of Bangalore. I was staying as a temporary bachelor all alone in a posh flat.

I became friendly with an Early Forties couple. Both Uncle & Aunty was also staying in the same apartment. They were a small family husband & wife of mid 40’s & their children were settled out of town.

I had hi, hello kind of relation & occasional tea or coffee at their place. Although uncle, aunty both insisted me many time for any kind of help if at all I needed.

It happened one day I was not feeling well. I casually went for tea at uncle’s place, since uncle was out I was chatting in general with Aunty. Aunty had lots of question to ask. After chatting for around couple of hrs., I asked what does uncle do (as a profession), aunty told me in a low voice Uncle is not working, but he has made some kind of arrangements that every month he gets some decent amount which helps them for their daily living. But due to some reasons, the money was not coming for the last 2-3 mths. & it may take couple months more to get sorted out.

During our conversation, I had a
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Sex With My Mom

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi all. My name is Nadeem and i am from Visakhapatnam. It’s a real incident that occurred with me. I am 25 years old and studying my pg. This story is about me and my mom. I am would not say that i am a very good looking and handsome stud guy, actually I am a normal not too slim but an average looking guy. And my mom is 40 and works for Private Firm. She also does have an average figure but very attractive normal breasts and slim and perfect shape. Now I would lead this story to its main point.

When I was 20 and my mom was 39 this incident took place. From the time of my birth I was very close to my mom as I was the only son of my parents. I also loved my mom very much and never thought anything wrong about her in the beginning. But when I grow and learn more about intercourse. Then I thought of many girls around me and thinking of them I masturbated. At that time also I never thought wrong about my mom. One day I went into my mom’s room to get some stuff and my mom was just changing her clothes and had forgotten to close the door.

I saw that she had wrapped the towel just over her waist and was totally topless. Mom got surprised on seeing me. By see
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My Sister Priya

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

It wouldn’t matter if i told you that she was my oldest crush. i really want to tell you guys exactly what happened between us over the years. for the record she is two years  elder than me. being elder made her all the more attractive to me. now nobody can deny that elder women are hotter. she was my sister priya. she never cared to look at me with eyes of a lover and i knew i had to change it. i did not want to force into sex but wanted it to be consensual.

we used bathe together when we were young and lying naked in the tub for hours was something casual. when i grew up and realised how warm she had become, i wanted those days to return so that i would use my time wisely now. at that ime i was young and did not realize the beauty of a female so intently. however i did like the touches. i touched her a lot many times and she did too. i used to lie in bed with her under the same blanket and cuddle up. she used to respond very warmly. she used to kiss me on the cheeks. we had this little game where she was the queen
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My Wife And Her Brother

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Thanks for choosing this happening.  I am regular reader of ISS since last 2 years and was waiting for real incest.  I am Jai Singh (42) and my wife Urmaila (36).  We both are central Govt employees.  We live in an hired accommodation at Hisar(Haryana).  We have two kids and b both are in hostels.  Now coming to the real happening.
My wife is of very holy nature.  I could not even think for incest/3 sum.  On 21st Oct 2010, it was her birthday.  We did a little outing and on my request she wore a sleeveless and long cut blouse.  We returned to our house at about 8 pm.  On my req
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Heaven of Sex with my Aunt

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hello to all ISS readers! I am Rocky name changed from vizag(AP) of height six feet and had few extra pounds with six inch cock. It was my real life experience. I am very thankful to this site that opened way to share life experiences to others. Lets come to the story.
Three years before I completed my B.Tech & got job at one reputed company in Chennai. My aunt (mom’s younger sister) was living there, so I decided to stay at my aunt house until I get my own flat from the company. My dear aunts’ name is maya. She is a widow of age 35 living alone with her only girl child of 5 year as her father & mother in law had refused her to keep with them after accidental death of her husband (uncle). When she went to her parents’ house, first all goes well but after some months, there also started quarrelling. By annoying this, she come to pune & find a job of clerk in a company with the help of her one friend which was her college friend living in pune.
Now about my dear aunt, she is a typical indian lady. She is a beautiful lady & has perfect body shape with long black hairs, sexy big butt, and juicy pouty lips with always light shade of pink lipstick, attractive naval & big boobs. She always we
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Shuda Auntie

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hello everyone I am Jamie 24 years of age and I am living in bangalore , I am from Chennai, Finished my MBA and working in a computer firm from last nine months in Bangalore as a software engineer , Today I am going to tell the best birthday experience that I had in Chennai .
I was living in a rented house near to my firm, my room was in second floor, on first floor occupied by my owner uncle and aunt, in the ground floor live a couple both were working,
As the month passed I became friendly with both of the couple, owner aunt had one boy of 8yr old and the other aunty let’s call her as Shuda had no child, even though they passed their 8th anniversary last month, I had no intention of fucking this aunt, it all happened one day when I went to invite her for my birthday party, had planned to take out both the family for dinner, as I entered the main door was open, went to hall
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Reekha My Girlfriend Fucked Me

February 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Hi i am Sanjay and i am regular reader of indiansexstories. This story is going to tell happened between me and my girlfriend Rekha. Till now i read a lot of stories but i won’t believe how this could happen. Suddenly it happens to me and now is interested in all kind of sex relation and stories. It is my first story if a spell mistake are anything wrong kindly bear with it friends.
Let’s enter into the story directly. Rekha my girlfriend came to know me in chat. We had health sex chat and she told that she want to meet me.
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